DC and The WoD

Now one of the biggest concerns I’ve had people asking about doing this kinda game is the fact that I am using stuff from the DC Universe. DC as a whole is much more than just Batman and his personal Rogue Gallery, its a rich comic universe spanning several decades of history. Taking the Nolan approach to things however works for the most part in keeping things a little less over the top, but being a RPG can allow you a little more wiggle room to still give certain characters the true flavor they would lose if *everything* was kept truly realistic.

The World of Darkness setting however developed by White Wolf Inc, and the current Storytelling system does a excellent job of crafting the dark and gritty world that Batman moves within. The combat system is unforgiving and far harder to powergame or “muchkin” than certain other games on the market that involve a certain twenty sided die.  The new World of Darkness setting unlike older adaptions also gives a much easier option of creating mortal based characters. Its also dramatically more flexible and easier to customize. Recently released toolkit books such as the Armory: Reloaded and the Mirrors supplement show just how much the system can be modified for just about any desired style of play.

Now of course World of Darkness isnt the only system thats taken a crack at the  DC Universe in some fashion. Smallville currently has a book out using the Cortex system by Margaret Weiss Production’s. I’ll leave my own personal feelings about Smallville itself for another time. DC Adventures hit the market a few months back with Green Ronin’s third edition of Mutants and Masterminds. I highly recommend DC Adventures if you want to go the route of playing your superheroes in a much more over the top environment. West End Games even got a crack at the DC Universe back in 1999 with the Legend system.

As such though, I will be using this board in the upcoming weeks to give a overview of the last several years of play-by-post game testing I’ve done, as well as give a weekly review of the first attempt at running this as a real tabletop game. In between all of that I’ll be posting ways of using the system with various characters and the city of Gotham itself.


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