The Evolution Part1

So I’m going to bore you with one or three more of these posts of rambling probably before I start getting into the meat and potatoes of things. I’ve slowly been plugging away at building this chronicle setting since the spring of 2008. As such I feel I’ve earned the right to talk about my “baby” in a little detail. Its been a bit of a morphing process over time to get to the current form its at, and I dont doubt it will morph again, if not several times before I consider it finished. Its had four attempts as a play-by-post game and in a little over a month I’ll be giving it the first run as a official tabletop setting for a game at my local gaming store.

So like every good red-blooded American male, I am a major Batman fan. I’m also a bit of a Green Arrow junkie, but thats besides the point. I’m also a bit of a nerd and damn proud of it. Being almost thirty now, I can honestly say I’ve been gaming around half my life.  My first gaming console was a Atari and I cut my teeth on 2nd Edition AD&D with Planescape. I read comics and looked forward to the end of every school day for shows like Batman: The Animated Series. Time of course marched forward and so did I with my gaming and other hobbies. My consoles moved into Nintendo and Sega Genesis, and has continued to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 that have homes in my houses’ entertainment center now. Likewise my table gaming changed as well. 2nd Edition became 3e and then 3.5 then Pathfinder. I also along the way of my D&D gaming was introduced to a large array of other systems.  Vampire: The Masquerade and the other World of Darkness lines, Deadlands, Legend of the 5 Rings, and a dozen more over the years. The White-wolf books leaving the most lasting impression of them all.

Sadly however with all good things, there are also those that are not so good. The group that I had started all those years ago while still in high school slowly faded apart. Life and careers take priority over gaming and eventually my gaming friends faded away into nothing more but memories of the past. Also the gaming industry, in terms of the paper and pen variety, isnt the same as it once was. Many of the family gaming stores have gone under, unable to make the profit against the economy. Wizards of the Coast, who use to have their own chain of stores in every mall, closed them all up. Another Universe was another one I remember in my local area that had to go belly up. Technology has transformed the hobby and is still continuing to do so. While the days of people gathering around a table to play have lessened slightly, its also given way to people sitting at their computers and playing with like minded people half way across the county, or even the globe.  Gaming over things like OpenRPG or Skype are more common for live gaming and given birth to the Play-by-Post crowd.

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