The Evolution Part2

So for the last several years due to the rather small amount of public support for the gaming community in my area I’ve become a major player using play-by-post to satisfy my role-playing needs. My current work schedule also makes my availability extremely limited, as I end up working evenings and most of the weekend. That aside however, PbP gaming has become greatly more popular over the last several years as it allows people to find groups and play with a much more flexible scheduling. Sure the pace is a bit slower than some might like, however finding the right group of people can keep a decent flowing game. It also can cut down on the “forced group by default” I’ve seen had to happen at local gaming stores when the gamer pool is slim to none, unless you already have a established group you’ve had for years.  Its hard to avoid taking “boB the Fish Malk” (if you dont get the reference – Google it) unless you dont want a full group at the local shop, however when you have 20 people wanting to join a PbP game its a bit easier to avoid the easily identified problematic player/character.

So this bringing me to where this all started.  Its spring of ’08. The Dark Knight is a few months off still and I’m fiendish for the movie.  I also had several PbP games I was playing in tank.  Needless to say I was in a serious need for a fix with my nerd factor.  I started working on a major Mage Awakening game at that point and had decent success as a ST with that game. However I wasnt playing in anything still of major significance, so my mind was left to wander. Somewhere along the line in all of this I remember having a discussion on the new Batman movies and how much more realistic they were and how dark and gritty the world was portrayed.  Meanwhile gaming wise I started trying to run another 3.5 D&D game. I wanted something a bit edgier though, compared to a basic dungeon crawl. I had my own homebrew world but the amount of house rules I needed to drop on the system was just making it more cumbersome that in was worth. Then the wires seemed to connect, and the beginnings of nWoD: Gotham City were formed.

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