The Evolution Part3

So I stated batting around ideas for a serious game late in 2008. Hunter the Vigil had come out by then and seriously given me the concept and mechanical ideas I needed to use to get something more concrete on paper. My first attempt of course was on a PbP, since that had become my only real access to a gaming group of any kind. It was a modest attempt on a old Proboards site I had made. I tried to wrangle a couple people over from my Mage Awakening game. I think I had two of them come cover to try. It didnt have much structure at the time as I really just wanted to try out a couple ideas. There wasnt anything to really have the PCs work together either, so things were kinda running more as just solo games for each of them.  Needless to say it didnt work very well. Of course a rather nasty disagreement with one of the players on a completely separate matter didnt help things either.  Long story short it died shortly out of the gate. So it was back to the drawing board.

A few months later I moved over to a much more structured PbP site, rather than trying to maintain my own site and go around to various places fishing for players. It seemed a bit easier, and allowed me to find more games to play myself outside of just running games.  So the next attempt at things had a been more structure but again seemed to be a random splattering of PCs from all walks of life. However the premise had everyone at the same location when a major event occurred. The idea was to have everyone brought together by a life-changing event. The various PCs pooling all their different contacts and skills from various occupations to work together to try and change Gotham City.

Well things dont always go as planned. Needless to say I had a couple players take the “D&D approach” to the situation. They charged forward expecting to be able to “beat down the baddies and loot the corpses”.  Well when the Joker says he’s planted a bomb in the bank with hostages its more than likely he’s not bluffing. Well the two players of the six person group opened fire at the goons and well the bomb in the bank was detonated. Now of course, then seemed to cause some friction as one of the players didnt want to seem to take responsibility for anything that happened, either IC or OOC.  The character got arrested and several arguments followed.  It also ended up with a major PvP issue as another player was playing a Gotham police officer.  The other one that opened fire on the crooks ended up running from the scene that resulted in a major man hunt or a suspect in the bank incident.  Well things went okay enough for awhile for the rest of the group. However like many PbP games I had players vanish on me without any notification. Eventually my motivation with things kinda died in frustration as well and I pulled the plug on it.

A couple months later after a few more ideas being batted around I went ahead and gave things another go. This time I went and tried to structure things a bit more. I still wanted to try and have all the players be random citizens that couldnt take the crime and corruption of Gotham City anymore. I ended up setting things up that everyone was part of a citizen watch group created by James Gordon. I also went and started trying to utilize a few more know characters like Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon working them into things. This now gave the characters some NPCs to interact with and would function as a means to connect them back to Batman later down the line. I’d also like to mention this was the first version of the game that I actually left Bruce Wayne alive, though I still had taken him out of the fray by having him crippled from another event that happened prior to the game.

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