The Evolution Part4

So the Gotham City: Taking Back the Night approach with the Neighborhood Watch idea ended up starting off with a rather decent group. (I thought so at the time anyways) I also got some feedback for the first time outside of my own players on the concept of my chronicle idea having some merit. For those that are familiar with the Darker Days Podcast, dealing with both old and new World of Darkness, it was one of the original hosts. Sadly I don’t believe Vince is attached with the podcast anymore.  I know there are still updates with the podcast but they dont seem to be as regular and I know the website that had finally feel off the grid a little while ago. Neverless I ended up talking with the people over on the Darker Days boards and with very little arm twisting and the potential to actually get my ideas across to some people that cashed a paycheck from White-Wolf I ended up running two similar games at the same time.

So like so many PbP games I ended up with a common frustration of unreliable players. It seems that the anonymity of the internet has served to make players online feel unresponsible to actually maintain communications with fellow players or the person running their game. Now of course I wasn’t necessarily a stranger to this. This wasn’t my first PbP attempt by any means. I’d been in my fair share of games as a player where half the other players or even the gamemaster had gone and vanished without word. Real life happens,  we all get that. However it seems that getting people to treat a game online with the same respect they would a table game is a bit harder to come by. Modern technology makes the excuse of “my computer died” a bit harder to swallow, that you couldn’t find some other means to get a hold of email. Hell, I had a player leave on vacation for two weeks and couldn’t have even given me the common courtesy as a heads up for waiting on them in the game. Needless to say, coming back acting like nothing was wrong was not a valid option once I found out the cause of his apparent disappearance.

However, back to the games. I got pummeled from two fronts with player disappearance at the same time now. Its bad enough when it happens with one game, but when its two… especially something that I had dropped so much time and research into constructing it was heart breaking. So that now combined with money issues and work related stress I got a rather sick taste in my mouth for awhile. I ended up needing to separate myself from gaming for a bit to clear my head.  By about this time it was April 2010.

So I took about two months off, maybe a little bit longer. Needless to say it was much needed and was very helpful in giving me new focus. I hit the drawing board once again in June, and by mid July I was ready to go again with a yet another new spin…  Gotham’s Finest.


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