Taking a break for ink

So I’ve taken a little break from writing the blog for a few days here.  I pretty much figure that I’m talking to myself for the most part but it gives me something to do. For the few random people that might actually read things here that aren’t people attached to the games I already run online, I figured I’d give part of the reason I haven’t posted. Well I went and got inked on Tuesday, spending almost three hours in a chair.  As such,  I wasn’t fully up to focus on a blog type post. Now the tattoo isn’t finalized by any means and I have several more hours of work likely to go. I figured I’d post it for others to see though as to where its at now.  I’d also like to take the moment to give a massive thank you to all the people at Gemini Tattoo. If anyone in Maryland ends up reading this blog and lives close by Odenton I can’t recommend these guys enough. As for the regular blog I will be looking to wrap up the Evolution process here in the next couple days. Also while I havent heard back from my local game shop about setting up my table top game I’ll probably be bugging them on Tuesday before I have to go into work for overtime. I can start giving some updates on that process as well and see how the game translates from its PbP roots into a full fledged table experience.


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