The Evolution Part5

So the most recent version of the Gotham City Project has been Gotham’s Finest. The characters are police officers, detectives, possible other employees within the structure of the Gotham Police Department.  The choice of putting the players in this position now had several different reasons.

1) I work for the police department in real life. Knowing how the structure of a police agency works as well as seeing and hearing real calls in action gave me a great backing to pull real life experience from. Some stuff is just so crazy you can’t make it up. Now add in a twist from a bit of DC Universe flavor and you have an awesome realistic scenario.

2) The nature of PbP gaming tends to have people randomly vanish from time to time. As such I now had a valid reason to explain away character disappearance with injury, transfer, personal leave, etc. It also gave a much easier way to explain PCs into the game for many of the same reasons being a transfer, promotion, etc.

3) A valid and legal way to give the PCs weapons, including firearms without shoving a direct connection with Batman in their face. I’d try killing Bruce off before and it just seemed like there was a element missing in more ways than one. Bruce being injured wouldn’t stop him from his purpose. He would find a way to still make a difference even if he couldn’t put on the cape and cowl himself anymore.

4) Again, a more valid and legal way to allow for the PCs to investigate and gather information needed to stop and arrest the criminals they would be facing. The Citizen’s Patrol concept seemed to force the PCs to rely to heavily on the NPC police officers that would have been attached with the patrol. I wanted to avoid the NPCs becoming to much like Storyteller controlled PCs. Also removing those type of NPCs, would force at least one or two of the players into making a character with a profession with certain security clearances or force them to purchase of Allies/Contacts with said clearance.  That becomes counter productive when the whole premise was “average joe citizen rises up to fight the good fight”. There is also a bit more satisfaction of slapping on a pair of cuffs yourself than handing them off to a NPC to do for you.

5) A workable mixture of sandbox play and disguised railroading.  Patrol officers can be allowed to roam around the city as they choose, or be directed via dispatched calls. Either way it feels like they are always doing something and being proactive. Likewise the detectives I allowed a bit of leeway in picking their cases while their division has a few open ones. Otherwise when the need arises I can have them respond to calls from crimes committed.

So as it stands I’m nearing almost a full year of active game with Gotham’s Finest.  The one year anniversary will be in July. Its also currently one of the top 5 longest running nWoD games on Now of course I’ve gone through two official application recruitment processes and several word of mouth recruitments but I’ve managed to continue to push the game forward and still maintain a continually active and working set of plots. I currently have over 200+ NPCs stated out in various degrees all pulled from different DC Universe sources. I have a ever growing and expanding interactive city for the players to move within and happily a slowly expanding Rogue Gallery being born. I’m also happy to say that despite a long and grueling road the PCs finally caught their first BIG baddie with the Mad Hatter. The skys the limit now.


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