The Living Breathing City

Once my schedule here begins to calm down some, I am looking to delve into a bit more of a in depth look at Gotham City itself. As a character itself, as well as the characters that reside within its streets that make it what it is. With its gothic architecture and spanning skyline, Gotham City by itself is a entity all its own and like no other.  Combining that with characters like Bruce Wayne himself, James Gordon, and all the others that make the city and surrounding their home it truly becomes a creature all its own.

I’ll be using the City section of things to discuss various elements and locations around the city. Some of the most notable of course are locations like Arkham Asylum, which I will likely begin with, as the infamous insane asylum alone will likely serve to cover a number of articles all its own. On the character front I’ll likely take some time to discuss Bruce Wayne/Batman before moving into a few villains.

Bruce as a whole from my earlier posts has gone through some various chances in the way I’ve tried to utilize him in the game(s). Of course anyone that chooses to use him in their game as well will have to take a long consideration on how to do so.  The character of Batman is so dominating that he can quickly overshadow the PCs in a game if used to heavily. Removing him completely can also in turn dramatically change the atmosphere of the game. I’ll be discussing different scenarios over the course of the In-Depth look at Bruce Wayne.


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