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Still Alive

Posted in Other on June 2, 2011 by Gotham Lord

 Just a note that I’m still here and I havent forsaken this blog.  Work has been a bear with the dispatch office being short staffed. I’m pushing around 60-70 hours a week on average. Good more my bank account but not so good for my hobby or any of my side projects. 

I will also be kicking off my tabletop game coming up this Tuesday. A bit of a failure on the players contacting me via email to get concepts hashed out ahead of time. So it looks like the first session is going to be character creation and a bit of a round table on what they want to see from me as a ST and what I expect from them as players.  Got a hour worth of work on my Batman tattoo Last Tuesday afternoon as well.  Sadly work called and I had to leave a bit sooner than expected.