Like a phoenix from the ashes…

So I kinda let the blog fall to the way side a bit. Real life got in the way with more pressing concerns, as well as an attempt to run things via tabletop in addition to just online in the play-by-post format. Sadly people are people no matter what format you try and play things in and the tabletop experience was less that successful. People when they get older just don’t have the same priorities and well when you have four-fifths of your group putting other things before showing up to the game it tends to send things crashing down. Normally I would say I understand that things like work, family, and even other hobbies if you enjoy them more can come first. However when you don’t have players actually contact you to inform you they arent going to be showing up to your game session that night it tends to leave a bit of a sour taste in your mouth.

Now being a old war veteran when it comes to PbP and people dropping like flies in that environment  it doesn’t phase be as much as it likely would otherwise. Especially when my one reliable player tells me how much they enjoyed every session and how much fun they were having. However with the recent holiday season in the air I’m not going to try and recruit all over again for new table players. As such I let the game go and I’ll likely try things once again when the new year nonsense starts to calm down.  In the meantime I’ve found a D&D 3.5 group to waste some time with. D&D is of course far from my first choice in terms of systems but its something to do in the meantime and the people in the group are friendly. If anything after this module thats being run perhaps I can convince a few to play in a Storyteller based game.

Meanwhile my online game is still going strong. We’re moving a little slow because of the holidays but thats to be expected. I’ve lost two players since my last post here back in June but I still have a strong six-player group, and I’m likely to have at least one potential player to fill in the open slots come the new year.

I’d like to say I’m going to get this blog more active again, but I’m not going to make promises. I have a lot on my plate with my job until we get the new hires trained and certified. Once the holidays are over my stress level is likely to lower once again but as said I would like to give my tabletop another go at it. I’ve invested far to much time and effort over the last 2+ years to simply just let myself throw in the towel.


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