Hitting the Bricks

So the game ad continues to gather interest for the PbP. Seems to have gathered more interest this time around than the last two game ads combined. No complaints on that. Given though I made decent use of images and tables that I didnt do before. A professional look that looks like I know what I’m doing  I guess pays off.   I’m probably going to lock down a closing date for that after the new year. Way to much still going on to keep me distracted to focus 100% like I want on the game. It’s certainly better than it was a week ago with Christmas looming but its still not a forgiving work schedule.

In other none PbP news, LEGO is finally trying to get my love back. As many are probably aware several years back they released LEGO Batman both as a video game as well as a number of actual sets. Much to my anger and wrath they pulled the sets after only maybe a year or so on the shelves, maybe a little longer. Even when I’m making a ton of overtime, I have a mortgage payment and other bills so I couldn’t just slam down $80+ dollars on a set. So I wasn’t able to get them all.  Trying to find them on eBay or Amazon is nearly grounds for selling a kidney on the black market.  This month however kicked off the new Super Heroes line of LEGO toys. Batman of course being the dominate feature amid them. The licence now however seems to be a full DC Universe toy line, as it will now include Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern likely amid others. It also looks like LEGO has gotten a Marvel license as well as a Marvel line will be following later in the year of 2012. Personally I’m not overly impressed on the images I’ve seen on the Marvel ones yet that surfaced at Comic Con. I would imagine though there are still like 5-6 months before the Marvel release to get things cleaned up. As for the DC side of the coin, I think a large number of the minifigs are improved from before in design.  I’m not liking the change to my boy Two-Face though.

The black and white suit was great. Now its some weird ass purple/orange mix.  I know the image its taken from in the comics, that doesnt make it *good* though.  The new Robin design however makes up for it.  I might just have to try and find a old Two-Face mini that I can find cheap… …cheap on eBay seems to equal around 20-30 bucks.  bleck…  Hopefully they bring back all the original minifigs as well as some new ones.


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